About Us

Our mission is to enable electric vehicle industry growth by becoming one of the largest, lowest cost, and lowest carbon producers of environmentally sustainable lithium products in the world.

Our goal is to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2024.

Sigma is developing, with an environmental sustainability focused and ESG-centric strategy, the largest hard rock lithium project (M&I resources) in the Americas, located in its 100% wholly owned Grota do Cirilo Project in Brazil with the goal of participating in the rapidly expanding global supply chain of electric vehicles.

The Company plans to produce 220,000/t annually of environmentally sustainable 6% lithium concentrate on Phase 1, doubling to 440,000 t annually with Phase 2.

Since 2018, the demonstration plant has been an important part of the successful commercial strategy of the Company allowing it to ship samples of its low carbon “green & sustainable” high purity lithium concentrate to leading global potential customers, for product certification and testing.

The Company is currently in construction of its fully automated, dense media separator production plant that applies proprietary algorithms to digitally control the dense media (”DMS”).

In order to secure a leading position supplying the clean mobility and green energy storage value chains, the Company has adhered consistently to the highest standards of environmental, social and governance practices, which were established as part of its core purpose at inception in 2012.

Its production process will be powered by clean energy and the company will use state-of-the art water recirculation circuits in its processing combined with dry stacking tailings management.

The DMS process of the Production Plant does not utilize hazardous chemicals, as a result its tailings are 100% recyclable into ancillary industries, such as ceramics. The Company has been developing a plan to submit to its Board outlining strategic steps to achieve net zero by 2024. A key initiative is to introduce biofuels in the mining operations after the second year of production. It also plans to pursue generation of carbon credits through “in-setting” carbon credits (preserving and developing the agroforestry systems within its regional ecosystem). The Company is currently undergoing an independent assessment of its net carbon footprint, conducting an independent ISO 14000 compliant audit of its life cycle analysis together with an independent expert validation of its carbon credits generated by its internal preservation, reforestation, and compensation forestry programs.

Sigma has significant potential for additional future expansion and growth, as it owns 27 mineral rights spread over 191 km2 (which include mining concessions, applications for mining concessions, exploration authorizations and applications for mineral exploration authorizations). The Grota do Cirilo Project area includes nine past producing lithium mines.

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